Black Belt Directory

The following is a list of black belts both active and inactive in Yoshukai Karate Alliance or friends of the Alliance. The list is in alphabetical order by descending rank. If you wish to contact someone from the list please send an email to Sensei Dugan providing your contact information and Sensei will pass the information on.

Shichidan (7th degree black belt)

Dugan, Daniel - Director and Chief Instructor of Yoshukai Karate Alliance (active)
Lincoln, IL

Godan (5th degree black belt)

Stone, Doug - (inactive)
Aurora, IL

Upton, Howard - (active)
Allentown, PA

Yondan (4th degree black belt)

Donovan, Mike - U.S. Yoshukai Karate (active)
Normal, IL

Dugan, Nykol - (active)
Lincoln, IL

Lowe, Troy - (active)
Lincoln, IL

Sandan (3rd degree black belt)

Daugherty, Tim - (inactive)
Chestnut, IL

Kennett, Tim - (active)
Lincoln, IL

Lanning, Gordon - (active)
Lincoln, IL

Mileham, Jeff - (inactive)
Rochester, IL

Nidan (2nd degree black belt)

Blasco, Sergio - (inactive)
Trujillo Alto, PR

Dugan, Todd - (inactive)
Greenvalley, IL

Hanger, Troy - (inactive)
Lincoln, IL

Hutchison, Brian - (inactive)
Lincoln, IL

Jensen, Ben - (inactive)
Lincoln, IL

Leesman, Rich - (inactive)
Leroy, IL

Schreiber, Michael - (inactive)
Lincoln, IL

Turley, Kevin - (inactive)
Lincoln, IL

Shodan (1st degree black belt)

Ballinger, Charley - (inactive)
Atlanta, IL

Barnett, Dale - (active)
Clinton, IL

Borowiak, Bob - (inactive)
Lincoln, IL

Broughton, Bob - (inactive)
Lincoln, IL

Bugner, Daniel- (active)
Clinton, IL

Carlson, Dave - (inactive)
Galesburg, IL

Carlson, Tim - (inactive)
Normal, IL

Clark, Clint - (inactive)
Lincoln, IL

Clark, Kyle - (inactive)
Seattle, WA

Cox, Howard - (inactive)
Norwalk, CA

Daugherty (Brown), Georgia - (inactive)
Galesburg, IL

Davidson, John - (inactive)
Alto Pass, IL

Davis, Joe - (inactive)
Lincoln, IL

Davis, Steve - (inactive)
Galesburg, IL

Dement (Irwin), Cheryl - (inactive)
Clinton, IL

Ellis, Kevin - (inactive)
Lincoln, IL

Gettleman (Turley), Stephanie - (inactive)
Lincoln, IL

Glazebrook (Dugan), Dianne - (inactive)
Bloomington, IL

Goetsch, Bill - (inactive)
Lincoln, IL

Griffin, Jim - (deceased)

Hoblit, John - (inactive)
Atlanta, IL

Hurley, Chris - (inactive)
New Holland, IL

Hurly, Kevin - (inactive)
Chicago, IL

Hutchison, Kevin - (inactive)
Normal, IL

Ijams, Kirk - (inactive)
Normal, IL

Janet, Matthew - (inactive)
St. Paul, MN

Johnson, Austin - (active)
Midland, IL

Johnson, Dawn - (inactive)
Midland, IL

Clinton, Noah - (active)
Lincoln, IL

Lanning, Payton - (active)
Lincoln, IL

Leesman (Cornwell), Kim - (inactive)
Leroy, IL

Lolling, Shawn - (inactive)
Dallas, TX

Mattson, Mike - (inactive)
Lincoln, IL

McCree, Gary - (active)
Lincoln, IL

Messerole, Travis - (inactive)
Towanda, IL

Payne, Mark - (inactive)
Mexico City, MO

Rousey, Greg - (inactive)
Lincoln, IL

Russell, Jim - (inactive)
Lincoln, IL

Spellman (Janet), Michelle - (inactive)
Cinncinatti, OH

Stone, Sharon - (inactive)
Berwyn, IL

Tabb, Jordon - (inactive)
Springfield, IL

Tackett, Tracy - (inactive)
Address Unknown

Tapscott (Lowe), Emilie - (inactive)
Troy, OH

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