Breaking, commonly referred to a board breaking, is an activity performed by martial artists in which they attempt to break solid objects using martial arts techniques. Any technique taught in the dojo can be incorporated into breaking including punches, strikes, kicks, and even blocks. In order to make a successful break, a martial artist must be willing and able to strike accurately with confidence, proper form, and power.

The true origins of breaking are the subject of much debate. Some say that board breaking was first practiced long ago to simulate punching through the wooden armor of the time. Others say that this theory is a myth and that breaking was initially used to demonstrate the accuracy and power of techniques while conditioning the body for combat situations. Regardless of the origins, breaking provides both mental and physical benefits to the karate practitioner.

Please do not attempt any breaking without proper instruction and supervision.

Breaking Examples:

  • Boards
  • Bricks
  • Bo (staff)
  • Rocks
  • Wooden baseball bats
  • Aluminum baseball bats - bent with the shin
  • Large blocks of ice
  • Shatter proof glass
  • Coffee table
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