Dojo Etiquette

Entering the Dojo

All students, either in street clothes or karate-gi, will bow and kiyai as soon as they enter the training area. Whenever any black belt enters the training area, the senior student will call the class to attention and will bow to the black belt, to show respect.

Starting Class

All students will form abreast according to rank and seniority. The highest-ranking student will be in the front row, to the instructor's left. If a student comes to class late, regardless of rank, they will stay to the rear of the class so as not to disrupt the class. Only after asking permission may the student join the class in training.

During Class

Proper respect and discipline will be maintained at all times and the etiquette of karate-do will always be followed. If a student must leave during training, except in the case of an extreme emergency, they will first receive permission from the instructor then make the proper salutation before leaving the training area.

Leaving the Training Area

Upon leaving, all students will turn at the entrance to the training area, bow and kiyai, and exit the training area backwards.


Students are required to observe and uphold the desired standards of conduct and integrity rightfully befitting students of traditional karate-do. Any incident or questionable activity, including infraction of rules and conduct, shall be corrected immediately by the instructor or senior student present.

General Rules

  1. No shoes will be worn on the training area at any time.
  2. No student will train while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
  3. As soon as the student enters the training area they start practicing karate.
  4. There will be absolutely no horseplay.
  5. There will not be any talking during class unless permitted by the instructor
  6. No jewelry worn during class (wedding rings are allowed).
  7. No smoking or gum chewing in the dojo.
  8. Any student who wishes to enter any karate tournament must first obtain permission from their instructor.
  9. No student will spar before, during, or after class without the instructor's permission.
  10. All injuries must be reported to the instructor immediately.
  11. No foul language in the dojo.
  12. All students will obey senior students.
  13. All senior students have a responsibility to help new students.
  14. The dojo will be kept clean by green belts and higher.
  15. All students will wear a clean white karate-gi to every class.
  16. All students will practice proper hygiene.
  17. No student may transfer from one dojo to another without permission from your Sensei.
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