Kata are pre-arranged fighting patterns using a series of offensive and defensive techniques performed against an imaginary opponent or opponents.

Considered the formal exercise of traditional karate that continuously improves and develops a student's technique, kata training requires intense concentration and focus, along with many hours devoted to their training. As the student advances in rank, they not only train by practicing the kata, but also start to study and develop different interpretations of the techniques that are beneficial to health. Since many kata techniques contain isotonic and isometric exercises, deep breathing exercises are one of the many reasons traditional karate still continues to flourish and attract people of all ages. Although we believe it is not how many katas you know, but rather how well you perform the katas you do know, new katas are still being taught to increase one's knowledge.

Yoshukai Karate Alliance Katas

Kata Name Meaning Lineage
27 Movements
Zenshinkotai Advance in Turn
H-Form #1 Peaceful Mind
H-Form #2 Peaceful Mind
H-Form #3 Peaceful Mind
H-Form #4 Peaceful Mind
Shihohai Four Directions
Gegasai To Destroy Goju ryu
Seisan Crescent Moon Shorei ryu
Niseishi Twenty-four Movements Shorei ryu
Rohaisho Vision of White Crane Shorin ryu
Rohaidai Vision of White Crane Shorin ryu
Sochin The Grand Prize Shorei ryu
Tenshin Body Turning
Mugen Endless Yoshukai
Bassai To Penetrate a Fortress Shorin ryu
Chinto Fighting to the East Shorin ryu
Kusanku Chinese Military Attaché Shorin ryu
Sanshiryu Thirty-six Hands Shorin & Shorei ryu
Ryusan Three Dragons
Sanchin Three Conflicts Shorei ryu
Seinchin Lull Before the Storm
Ananko The Light From the South
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