Kumite, also known as sparring, is an integral part of a student's karate training. In the Yoshukai Dojo, kumite is practiced with controlled contact, safety being of the utmost priority, while still trying to perform the techniques in situations as close to actual combat as possible. For this reason everyone under the age of 18 is required to wear head and rib guards. Contact during kumite is necessary for the student to realize if their technique is effective against an opponent who is actually trying to hit them, to learn how to react with contact, and to condition the body.

The principle of kumite and kata are identical. When a student trains, studies, and develops his kata as close to perfection as possible, kumite then comes naturally. Therefore the person who does well in kata also does well in kumite.

Techniques are continuously being interjected to improve kumite. Regardless of where a technique originates from, if it is effective, it should be used.

Since there is danger of personal injury during karate training, all students must acknowledge in writing that they understand the danger of personal injury and must agree to assume the risk of injury and further agrees to indemnify the dojo and instructor(s) of any lawsuits for personal injury to themselves or other students which is a direct result of training. Release forms will be provided and signed by all students.

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