Membership Rules

  1. All persons must be of good character and of sound mind and body.
  2. Since there is danger of personal injury during karate training, all students must read and sign the provided release form thus acknowledging in writing that they:
    • Understand the danger of personal injury
    • Agree to assume the risk of injury
    • Agree to indemnify the dojo and instructor(s) of any lawsuits for personal injury to themselves or other students which is a direct result of training
  3. All students under the age of 18 will be required to have a parent or legal guardian sign the provided release form.
  4. Membership will not be offered to anyone who:
    • Has been convicted of a felony
    • Has a history of being involved in acts of violence
    • Is a member or supporter of any organization, which advocates the overthrow of the United States of America government, by violence or any other means
    • Is a member or supporter of any hate organization
  5. If applicable, the following must be reported upon joining.
    • Previous martial arts training
    • Medical restrictions
    • Criminal record
  6. A student passport book must be purchased and kept current after attaining the level of green belt. This passport is a record of a student's promotions, clinics, tournament placements, and current status with the Alliance. The passport initially costs $10 and is good for 24 years.
  7. There are no initial or annual federation/association fees in the Alliance. Annual membership in the Alliance is done by simply having the local instructor put the yearly stamp in the students' passport book. No fees are required.
  8. All monthly fees must be paid by the first class of every month. Any student with outstanding monthly fees will not be allowed to participate in class.
  9. Yoshukai Karate Alliance instructors retain the right to deny membership or training for any reason.
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