Yoshukai Karate Alliance Testing

Kyu belt exams will be held only three times in one year. They will be held in the months of March, July, and November. Before a student may be considered for a kyu promotion, the following requirements must be met. If any of the requirements are not met then the student must wait until the next exam period to test. If a student fails the exam, the testing fee will be immediately refunded and the student will need to wait until the next exam period to test again.

Testing Requirements

  1. The student must have attended classes for at least four months.
  2. The student cannot miss more than eight classes in the four month period.
  3. The student must have good attendance at Alliance functions.
  4. The student must be properly attired in a clean, white karate gi, with an Alliance patch.
  5. The student must be current on monthly dojo fees.
  6. The exam fees must be paid in full prior to the test.
  7. If holder of a green belt or higher, the student must present to the examining committee a current passport (training record). For the passport to be considered current the passport must:
    • Have the current annual stamp
    • Have the front page of the passport completely filled out and signed by the student
    • Have the student's picture in a white gi
  8. There will be a mandatory one year training period between 1st kyu brown belt exam and Shodan (1st degree black belt) exam.
  9. A student must be a minimum of 16 years of age to test for the rank of Nidan (2nd degree black belt).

Testing Fees

Yellow Belts $15 (Children 10 and under)
Green Belts $20
Brown Belts $35
Black Belts $75 (All degrees)
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