Vol. 1    Issue 1    December 2004


"Se se Se se Se se Sensei Sensei"

      At the age of 20 Sensei Dugan began his studies of the martial arts and plans to do so as long as time will allow. Sensei enjoyed the challenge of mastering katas and the karate weapons. Along with that comes the need to like physical activities, in which Sense enjoys. Mr. (Bob) Brougthon had invited Sensei to go and watch him at karate, he liked it so well that he signed up and began his long joyous journey.
      The code of Bushido has helped with molding Senseiís character, personality and maturity. With the help of other benefits of Karate Do, it has also helped Sensei, as well as many others, to conduct himself in the work force.
      Throughout his studies in karate he had encountered a few incidents, which is always to be expected in ones training.


Mr. Kennett

      San-Dan!! What an accomplishment. Mr. Kennett has accomplished something that many of us hope to one day achieve. Having been in Yoshukai for 10 years, Mr. Kennett intends on continuing in his training until he is too old to carry on.
      Mr. Kennett had taken Goju-Ryu at the age 19 under Sensei Rivero. Mr. Kennett went on to start a family. After a few years passed Mr. Kennettís daughter had began taking Yoshukai. He had gotten so excited about it by watching his daughter, he decided to sign up. He very much liked to stay active, as karate helps us do.
      One benefit Mr. Kennett really enjoys about karate is watching children come in, grow up and become good citizens of the community.

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