Sensei Dugan Continued...

      In the past 32 years of his training he has suffered many injuries which are as follows: a fractured foot, a toenail ripped off, torn right calf, a broken leg, a torn cartilage on rib, a broken arm, torn tendon on right wrist, torn tendon on right shoulder, dislocated thumb (3 times, Iíll remind you), a fractured thumb and forefinger, a lacerated finger and last but not least, he had his front teeth kicked straight back. OUCH!! Thatís what I call putting the hurts to someone.
      In asking Sensei about his favorite past instructor, he mentioned the man we often hear about; Sensei Foster. "Sensei Foster was very knowledgeable and a good technician, he was a very good Sensei," said Sensei Dugan. "He showed by example what a karate master should be."
      I, as well as many others, Iím sure, feel the same about Sensei Dugan. He has spent the past 32 years of his time to share with people the life-long virtues of karate as well as life.

"To know and to act are one in the same"

Above: Sensei Dugan

Above: Mr. Kennett

"A man who has attained mastery of an art reveals it in his every action"

"Nothing is impossible to a willing mind"

Mr. Kennett continued...

      The code of Bushido has influenced his life greatly. This has helped him to become a believer in discipline and moral beliefs. Mr. Kennett has endured a lot of discipline to get to the rank he has just recently earned. We hope that Me. Kennett will be with us for a long time to come, to pass down to us what he has been taught by Sensei Dugan.
      When asked to make one statement to show his appreciation to Sensei Dugan, he stated, "Thank you with all my heart and soul" in which, I believe, speaks for all of his students.

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