Congratulations to Brian Hutchinson (Nidan) and wife on the birth of their new baby girl Emily Grace.


Congratulations to Todd Dugan (Nidan) on your Marriage to Kari Copp. Please donít have plates with your initials (TKD).


Congratulations to Ben Jensen (Nidan) and wife who are expecting their first Yoshukai baby. Mr. Jensen will be coming back to class soon.


Congratulations to Clay Roberts (Nidan) on his recent promotion at work to a Management Position.


Congratulations to Dianne (Dugan) Glazebrook (Shodan) on her new baby boy, Heath Robert on Sept. 28th. Heíll be attending class soon!


Congratulations to Ethan Hoinacki and Tony Curcuru on receiving your drivers license permits! Should we stay on the streets or go to the sidewalks?

Congratulations to Nykol Schreiber for receiving her Homeschool Teacher Certificate followed by her Teachers Aid Certificate.


Congratulations to Scott Gaddy for a currently undefeated wrestling season - Way to go Scott!!


Tony Curcuru performed in a high school play. Job well done!!!
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