Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the following

September Birthdays

Heath Robert (28th)

October Birthdays

Mr. Logan (17th)

November Birthdays

Mr. Hanger (6th)
Scott Gaddy (8th)

December Birthdays

Kallie Hoinacki (1st)
Derrick Grieser (13th)
Nykol Schreiber (22nd)

Dojo Anniversaries

Congratulations to the following people for their dedication to the art of Yoshukai Karate:

Scott Bottrell - Shodan 4 years

Gordon Lanning - 1st kyu 3 years
(10/03 - 1988-1990)

Nykol Schreiber - 1st kyu 2 years

New Students

Weve had many new members join Yoshukai Karate Alliance. Welcome to Dilon Huff, Diana Pickett, Marcus Pickett, Ryan Boward, Steven Oney and Scott Gaddy. You guys are doing very well. Keep up the good work. Its just the beginning of a long journey to perseverance, self-control and many good virtues.

Perfect Attendance

We are very proud to say the following persevered and kept a perfect attendance for the last four months. Congratulations Michael, Nykol, and Dave Schreiber for keeping attendance August through November.

A family that kicks together sticks together!

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