Natsu Keiko 2003

June 21, 2003

      Our first annual Natsu Keiko was a great opportunity to gather and train outside the walls of a traditional dojo. We all gained from the knowledge and experience of the black belts.
      Included in the days events were: weapons training for all ranks; the black belts especially enjoyed their sai targets! Other events were kata, sparring, angles, bunkai and Yoshukai history. And a first aid class by Mr. Logan. We ended with the traditional folding of the gi by Sensei Dugan.
      We would like to thank Sensei Daugherty, Sensei Donovan, Mr. Stone, Mr. Kennett, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Logan, Mr. Griffith and Mr. Hanger for all their training.
      Afterwards we all gathered for a cookout and potluck dinner in the Boy Scout area.
      A very special thank you to Sensei Dugan for arranging a fantastic way to come together for training and socializing in a fun and exciting way.


Natsu Keiko 2004

July 19, 2004

      The second Natsu Keiko had a different twist or should I say throw. A special thank you to Sensei Polk and Mr. Adam Flick. All ranks were taught basic Judo throws and falls. Other events during the day were weapons, one step sparring and a first aid class by Mr. Logan and son, Aaron. Ending the training was the traditional folding of the gi by Sensei Dugan.
      We once again gathered for a cook-out and picnic in the Boy Scout area.
      A thanks goes to Mr. Stone, Mr. Kennett, Mr. Roberts, Miss. Stone, Mr. Logan, Mr. Hanger and Mr. Bottrell.
      Our guests for the day were Sensei Donovan, Justin Donovan (shodan) and Michael F. from U.S. Yoshukai Karate. And once again we could not have done this without the extra effort and time that Sensei Dugan put into these events. Thank You Sir!

November testing

      Testing was held at the Lincoln Rec. Center on November 6, 2004. Everyone who tested did very well. Congratulations to the following: Gordon Lanning 1st Kyu, Nykol Schreiver 1st Kyu, Emile Lowe 2nd Kyu, Tony Curcuru 2nd Kyu, Dave Schreiber 2nd Kyu, Kallie Hoinacki 4th Kyu and Bob Gorman 5th Kyu. "This is the first time in a long time that I saw everyone give their best effort; you guys all did very well." Congratulations to all of you for your hard work and dedication.

"Technical knowledge is not enough. One must transcend techniques so that the art becomes an artless art, growing out of the unconscious."

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