Vol. 1    Issue 2    July 2005

Mr. Stone...

Like a pillar of stone, he stands before the class in the dojo. The man from the North using his knowledge and ability instructs the class. The Black Belt around his waist was earned through hard work, patience, and the will to persevere.

Mr. Stone, now a Yondan, is from Aurora, Illinois and travels to Lincoln frequently. He has been in Yoshukai Karate since the age of 13 and plans on continuing until he dies. Thanks to friends of his, Mr. Stone was introduced to Yoshukai Karate. He had looked at other types of martial arts but found them to be too expensive and he liked the style of Yoshukai Karate. If someone is thinking about studying the martial arts, Mr. Stone strongly suggests that they take Yoshukai Karate.

Yoshukai Karate has been a great influence on Mr. Stone. He is affected by karate "every second of every day both mentally and physically." Mr. Stone lives each day of his life according to the code of Bushido. He feels that the code is so integrated in his life it becomes a part of you.

Kyu Belts are always asking for advice from higher-ranking belts. Mr. Stone’s advice on how to handle yourself in a confrontation is to stand up for yourself, be patient and try to talk your way out first. Your last option is the use of force. "Let them make the first move, they choose to start it." Mr. Stone was asked that if he had one thing to say to Sensei Dugan for all his years of instruction what would it be? His reply was a heart felt "Thank You!"

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