Black Belt Clinic

    The Black Belts dedicate so much of their time to us, the "kyu" belts, in our weekly classes--helping us improve our basic techniques, demonstrating new katas, giving enormous amounts of encouragement, that they donít actually have the opportunity to practice the very things they teach us.

    And thatís where the Black Belt Clinics come in. The Black Belts get the opportunity to practice one on one with Sensei and other ranking Black Belts.

    On Saturday May 7th, the black belts got their turn. Four hours of hard training at Kickapoo Park, in the sun!! With no breeze to cool them off.

    They started off with basics and moved on to several black belt katas then weapons: Boís, Saiís and Katanas. It was non-stop serious training - something all black belts live for.

    Sensei Dugan gave vast amounts of small details that can easily make a very large difference in the performance of a movement.

    Mr. Stone was on hand sharing his years of experience too.

    Mr. Kennett, Mr. Logan, Mr. Hanger and Mr. Bottrell were given a chance to train with and learn from each other. Something that they all deserve.

Back to Front: Mr. Stone, Mr. Kennett, Mr. Logan
Mr. Hanger, and Mr. Bottrell

Mr. Hanger
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