What an awesome year, they just keep getting better and better! We had a fun filled year! We had plenty of different things that we did. They are as follows:

White Belts:

Kihon judo waza, Yoshukai History, Ippon kumite, angles-lunging

Green Belts:

Kihon judo waza, angle-defense, 1st Aid

Brown Belts:

Tobi yoko geri training, escrima sticks, nun chuck (apple smashing)!, tai ho jitsu

Black Belts:

Bo tai sai, sai throwing, knife-defense, multiple attack defense
Everyone, as a group, got to do the following: Kihon waza, makiwara training, and the traditional folding of the gi!
We’d like to thank all of the following Black Belts who helped make this a fun and adventurous event: Sensei Dugan, Mr. Stone, Mr. Kennett, Mr. Dugan, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Logan, Mr. Hanger and Mr. Bottrell. Thank you guys ever so much for sacrificing much of your own training time to teach the Kyu belts; your dedication to Sensei shines through all of you. It was very successful and enjoyed very much by everyone involved.

Afterwards we had a good dinner together. Everyone came and many brought family to enjoy the time with us, many who were familiar to us. Thank you to the 2 greatest chef’s: Mr. Kennett and Mr. Logan, great burgers! Thank you to everyone else who brought something to pass along.

The next few pages are some pictures of our Natsu Keiko, there were so many good ones to choose from, I picked out some of the best... BUT FIRST...

We would like to congratulate the following Black Belts for their success in passing their tests: Mr. Stone (now 4th degree), Mr. Logan (now Nidan) and Mr. Schreiber (Shodan). You guys are an inspiration to us, we all hope to have the same perseverance and patience you all have, in order for us to accomplish the same honor as you all did. Congratulations once again!

Mr. Stone-Yondan

Mr. Logan-Nidan

Mr. Schreiber-Shodan
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