How do you uphold the Honor & Integrity of Yoshukai Karate?

Upholding the honor and integrity of Yoshukai Karate is done by being a good person. How you uphold yourself and your actions reflect on your karate. It also reflects on your family and friends. If you walk around cocky and bulling people you will not be thought of very well by other people. While being humble and good to people you will have good things, people will say good things about you. Sometimes you have to use your karate to keep your honor and integrity. While many people will be good to you others will pick you out of a crowd because they believe that they have something to prove. But the choice to use your ability must come when it is absolutely necessary. By defending yourself you earn honor and integrity. Honor and integrity is something that is earned through your external and internal actions.

By: Mr. Roberts
Nidan Test

What do you think the advantage of a karate alliance is over a karate federation or an association?

The advantages of an alliance over a federation or association are: In an alliance there is no money making and no politics. In a federation and association money can be a powerful thing. People have to pay yearly dues and monthly dues to a person that they never see. The only money in an association is the money for the school and the testing. Karate is not about money and this is what happens in a federation and association. People start thinking about the money and not about karate. Karate was never about this it was always about the relationship between teacher and student. Through these relationships they both learn and grow through each other.

Also in an Alliance there are no politics except the ranks. While in a federation and association there is a lot of politics. Karate was also not meant for politics; we lose much information that could be used by cutting politics. An alliance is a group of people that know what karate is about. These people understand that it is not about money or politics. It is about only karate.

By: Mr. Roberts
Nidan Test

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