Black Belt Test

On December 10th 2005, Nykol Schreiber and Gordon Lanning tested for their black belts and they worked very hard for them. Nykol and Gordon did a wonderful job and completed a very hard test. Both demonstrated the Yoshukai strong heart and spirit!

The Black Belts present were: Sensei, Mr. Stone, Mr. Kennett, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Hanger, Mr. Bottrell and Mr. Schreiber.

Nykol and Gordon received their certificates at the Christmas party and were announced as Ms. Schreiber and Mr. Lanning. We wish both of them congratulations.

We would also like to thank Mr. Stone for making a long trip for the testing.

The New Shodans

On the following Tuesday night Nykol and Gordon were presented their certificates and Black Belts. They were introduced to the class as Mr. Lanning and Ms. Schreiber. Ms. Schreiber was also the first Black Belt female in the Yoshukai Karate Alliance. Congrats you guys!!! (and gal).

Mr. Lanning receiving his Black Belt!!

Ms. Schreiber receiving her Black Belt!!
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