Black Belt Clinics

On August 6th at the Atlanta Park, from 12 - 4 p.m., a Black Belt clinic was held. The Black Belts who attended were Mr. Stone, Mr. Kennett, Mr. Logan, and Mr. Hanger. This was also Mr. Schreiber's first Black Belt clinic; thank you to Mr. Hanger and Mr. Logan for taking time from their training to assist Mr. Schreiber in his first lessons on working with the sai. All the other Black Belts learned the #9 sword kata. Sensei and Mr. Stone taught the Black Belts, tai ho jitsu #15 - #17. The Black Belts had a chance to practice in many different activities throughout the clinic. Also, during the clinic, Mr. Ballinger (Shodan) stopped off to say hi to everyone at the clinic.

Mr. Logan & Mr. Hanger

Mr. Logan & Mr. Schreiber

Mr. Schreiber & Mr. Hanger
On Oct. 15th a Black Belt clinic was held at noon and lasted until 4 that evening. It was held at the Lincoln dojo. The Black Belts who attended were: Mr. Stone, Mr. Kennett, Mr. Logan, Mr. Hanger, Mr. Schreiber and of course the clinic was held by Sensei. They ended the evening with a meeting. No pictures were taken, (our photographer is now fired!)
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