Brown Belt Clinics

On July 22nd Sensei held another Brown Belt clinic. Those who attended were Mr. Schreiber, Mr. Bottrell, Alec Broughton, Gordon Lanning, Nykol Schreiber, Emilie Lowe, and Dave Schreiber. We got a lot of work in on shi ho hai. We had to review the proper technique on the punches in the "four directions". Later we had a chance to spend some time improving our skills in our bo katas.

Shi ho hai

L to R: Sensei, Alec, Dave, Mr. Lanning, Emilie & Ms. Schreiber

Yet another clinic was planned for the brown belts on September 2nd at the Lincoln dojo. At this clinic we were able to do something a little different. We used a punching bag, hanging from the middle of the room, to practice out punches and our angling. This was quite interesting and challenging for some of us (no one said it was me)! Those brown belts that attended were Gordon Lanning, Nykol Schreiber, Dave Schreiber and Mr. Schreiber.

Dave Schreiber

Ms. Schreiber

Mr. Lanning

Dave Schreiber
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