On March 2nd we had quite a few students test for higher ranks. The following students went for:
8th kyu: Kirsten Sloan and May Hudspeth
7th kyu: Gaige Mileham and Chase Hurley
6th kyu: Ken Reese
5th kyu: Dawn Johnson
2nd: kyu: Bob Gorman
Great job you guys! You all succeeded your goal now you have an even higher one to concentrate on. Congratulations and Good Luck!

As we all know, testing is a very hard task but, so worth it in the end. We need to always portray our desire to move ahead to higher ranks by showing good spirit. Good spirit brings great results!! Remember in Yoshukai all belts are earned!

Yoshukai Karate Alliance - 2006

Sensei, Gaige, May, Chase and Kirsten

Sensei, Ken and Dawn

Sensei and Bob
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