It is meaningless to know only the mechanical moves of a kata. The goal is to train continually - to repeat the katas throughout life while always trying to develop a greater understanding of the movements and to infuse them with the spirit and life.
By Tim Kennett


      Yoshukai Karate has helped me in my life in many ways. First, it has given me many friends that I can love and trust and that will always be there for me when ever I need them, and who give me confidence in myself to do better in karate and life.

      Second, it has definitely helped me to control my asthma whenever I have trouble with it. If I hadnít joined Yoshukai Karate I probably wouldnít know what to do whenever I had an asthma attack. I know I can take care of it a whole lot easier when it strikes. Another thing Yoshukai has helped me in is that I have the confidence that I can protect myself from everyone that tries to attack me anywhere and anytime. Thanks to Yoshukai Karate I donít have to worry about someone attacking me and hurting me. It is very nice to know I can go anywhere and be ready to defend myself from anyone. I can now protect myself from any danger that comes in my way and put it behind me.

      Last, but not least, Yoshukai Karate has especially helped me to get me out of my shyness a whole lot more. Before I joined Yoshukai I was very, very shy. Karate has gotten me out of my shyness a lot more, I am very close to getting out of my shyness completely, all thanks to Yoshukai.

      Iím extremely proud to be part of Yoshukai Karate Alliance and thank everyone who helped teach me about karate. I still have numerous amounts of training and learning to do, a black belt is only the beginning of my training and I have a lot to learn.

Michael Schreiber - age 14


Dr. Chitose is the founder of Chito-Ryu karate

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