Vol. 3    Issue 2    July 1, 2006

Best of luck to Sensei Roberts & Sensei Bottrell on the opening of the new Yoshukai Karate Alliance dojo in Williamsville!!

    We are very proud to announce the opening of our new Yoshukai Karate Alliance dojo. On June 1st we all gathered in Williamsville for the grand opening! Being a celebration for Sensei Dugan also, (see inside story), he was given the honor of leading the first class.

    Mr. Roberts gave a very nice speech to Sensei Dugan to express his appreciation of all the years of commitment he has shown them in the past 10 years. Mr. Roberts also presented a very nice speech to his parents. He stated that his parents have helped him remain committed to the Martial arts and supported him from the beginning. He presented a special thank you to Mr. Bottrell for his partnership in the opening of the new dojo.

    Mr. Roberts and Mr. Bottrell have taken their love for Yoshukai and extended it into a part of their future as they have the past years. They have gone above and beyond their respectful duty to continue to spread the tradition of Yoshukai Karate.

    Opening a new dojo is a big responsibility. In doing so, they have earned the title of Sensei. Holding this title means ones need to persevere is even more demanding then if you were a student you are required to uphold the honor and integrity of a dedicated leader of Yoshukai Karate.

    By being a Sensei you set an everlasting impression on the karate-ka! Your students come to you with a desire to learn self-defense. In this learning process you are teaching your students many virtues such as: compassion, gratitude, honor, patience respect. By the time you become a black belt and/or a Sensei you must have had these virtues instilled in yourself.

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