Saturday, April 1 2006, Yoshukai Karate Alliance gave a demonstration during the Lincoln Park District Health Fair. Sensei Dan Dugan was asked to do this since Karate has an extreme amount of health benefits.

    Each rank had their turn to demonstrate their highest kata to the audience. The Black Belts demonstrated the Japanese Sword Ceremony with their katanas. After each kata, one person was chosen from each group to help bunkai so the audience can better understand the use of each move.

    The Green belts demonstrated several self defense techniques like: front choke, back choke, bear hug, and double wrist grab and etc. The Black Belts each demonstrated tai ho jitsu #1-15, with the assistant of another karate ka. A couple of Black Belts demonstrated self defense attacks with multiple offenders.

    Board breaking was, as usual, a big part of our demonstration! This is to demonstrate zanshin (mental alertness)! We started off with the lowest ranking student and worked our way up. Each individual was able to chose which type of break they wanted to do. Usually at white belt or yellow belt stages we start off with shuto strikes. One can work his or her way up to breaking bos with shins, across ones abdomen or sometimes across chest.

    Afterwards, a few of us assisted Sensei with answering questions and handing out brochures to the public. We also ran some video of some of our katas for those who missed the demonstration.

    We get a lot of compliments on our demonstration from a number of spectators. This is a very neat experience for everyone involved. Each year we gain a new student or two. We look forward to yet another Health Fair demonstration next year!

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