What my study of Yoshukai Karate has done for me...

    Before meeting Jeff Mileham about four years ago I had seen karate in the movies and had on occasion to fantasize on what it would be like to know karate and become accomplished in the art. But before that time I had never even thought about finding a place to take karate. After seeing what Jeff was learning and going to Atlanta to watch a few times, I began to think that this was something I could do. Then once I finally got the courage up to start I still had my doubts about what I was getting myself into and if I would be able to stick with it. Then as time went on and as I observed the higher ranking belts and myself progress, plus the amazing abilities of the Black Belts and Sensei. It was then that I realized that Yoshukai Karate was for me and that nothing could stop me.

    Quite a ways down the road my dedication was tested more than once. With my needing to relocate, not once but twice, I experienced the inconvenence of having to drive a ways to class but that didnít matter to me because I felt it was well worth it.

    I then suffered a severe emotional set back with the boss of my brother, but with the time I spent at karate and my friend there helped me deal with this better than I ever thought I could.

    My study of Yoshukai Karate has also helped me gain great self confidence which I lacked before because of my size. As the years progressed so did my physical condition, my mental awareness and thus the confidence in myself.

    The time spent at Karate has also helped me by providing me with a constant realistic goal from one level to the next. As I reach each additional level I can see down the road that there will always be something to accomplish and a goal to reach for. Therefore I can realistically see that Yoshukai Karate can be an effective part of my life for a along time.

    The biggest influence that Yoshukai Karate has made on me was more indirect then direct. The little amount of time that Larry spent in Karate did more good in his life than anything I can remember. I had never seen him more excited or anxious to learn something. Having him there with me helped me to progress also. It just gave me an extra boost to help me accomplish my goals. Also I feel that Larry was looking forward to my receiving my Black Belt even more than I am.

    It gave him a dream which was for the both of us, to one day have a school of our own, which one day I still plan to have.

    As things stand now I plan to continue to make Yoshukai Karate an important part of my life, and to help share it with others including my other brother Brian who plans to join in the summer.

-Michael Donovan-
Test for Shodan
April 14, 1983

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