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A warm welcome to the students who just joined us and/or those that have come back.
New: Austin Shaub Welcome back Marcus Pickett!! Good to have you both!
For Sale: Gi: Gi: size 4 --- w/patch and Nin tai --- no belt ($20)
Gi: size 6: NO patch & NO Nin tai ($15)
Once again, as always, a reminder to those who have not yet done so --- donít forget to check out our website: Mr. Stone puts a lot of time into updating the website which is, needless to say, a World Wide Web page!!! Thank you Mr. Stone for all the time and money you put into this for us!! Humbly speaking, it is one of the better karate websites with many pictures and much information.
Sensei heard from Mr. Davis and we have a new email address for him. Please feel free to email him and wish him well. He is in the Marine Corps. Mr. Davis has asked for the students to email him. Mr. Davis is in the U.S. Marine Corps currently proudly serving his country in Iraq.
Dawn Johnson is taking pictures of students. Parents and students may order packages from the proofs she keeps on hand. If you are interested in purchasing these pictures please contact Dawn Johnson (447-3365) or Ms. Schreiber (651-4153).
Once again, we are asking that everyone have the nintai and Yoshukai patch put on their gis as soon as possible. Patches may be purchased from Sensei for $6 and the nintai can be put on the gi top for the low cost of $10. See Sensei or Ms. Schreiber for details as to where you may have these done.
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