Kyu belt Testing

July 6th was Kyu belt testing! We had a wonderful show of spirit from those who tested! The order of testing was as follows: Austin Johnson (8th Kyu); David Dugan (8th Kyu); Brad Bishop (6th Kyu); Starry Skelton (6th Kyu); Sara Thies (6th Kyu); May Hudspeth (7th kyu); Casey Ballinger (5th Kyu); Ken Reese (5th Kyu).

After testing was over we had one student left, yet no time! He was told that he would have to wait until the following class night (from Thurs. to Tues.).but with the good spirit and patience that Bob has, his comment to Sensei was, I love waiting, Sir!. The following Tuesday Bob did test and was promoted to 1st Kyu!

Congratulations, to all for a job well done!! Remember, you EARNED your rank!

David - 8th kyu

Austin - 8th kyu

Brad - 6th kyu
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