Our 2nd Black Belt clinic, since the last newsletter, was held on Sept. 9th. This clinic was held at Scully Park, downtown Lincoln. We had a large number of Black belts attend this event. Present were: Sensei, Mr. Stone, Mr. Kennett; Sensei Roberts; Mr. Logan, Mr. Hanger, Sensei Bottrell; Mr. Schreiber and Ms. Schreiber.

    Sensei led everyone through kyu belt katas. As always, we were reminded, for the 1000,000th time, that we still need to practice, to not only maintain our skill levels, but to Continuously try to Improve them --- Kyu belt katas are NO EXCEPTION! Mr. Stone then went over Katana training with emphasis on proper gripping technique, Sensei Bottrell went over basic moves with Mr. Schreiber and Ms. Schreiber who are new to the Katana. Sensei also taught Sho no bo to them while Mr. Stone aided the others in honing their skills.

    Afterwards, we all sat down together and discussed the 3rd Draft of the Constitution and by-laws. Included in our discussion we went over the requirements for Black Belt testing.

As you can see, it is always a serious discussion!

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