also learned to make my ground known; I will let anyone know what is acceptable and what isnít. Karate has taught me that I donít have to live in fear, because now I can do something about it. If a situation occurs, I feel... all because of karate... that I can stand up straight, with confidence and face anything that is about to happen. Last, but not least, Yoshukai has helped me to not be so concerned about how other people see me, but how I see myself. My self-esteem is based on my own feelings, not the feelings of others. This is one thing that has always been the hardest thing for me to overcome.

    Yoshukai has done many wonderful things for me that I will never part from!

Nykol Schreiber
By: 12/10/2005


"Many times, the most difficult part of teaching is to teach iron heart, which means that true compassion is often being perceived as heartless."
This quote means that although your sensei may bark at you and be very strict with your performance, it may seem to you they are being heartless, but actually they are full of heart (caring) by demanding the very best of you. -Sensei Dugan-

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