How has Yoshukai Karate helped me in my life?

    In 1987, I decided to study the martial arts. I wanted a traditional style of Martial Arts that would be aggressive and to the point, not flashy. I wanted a style that would instill in me the confidence that I could defend myself. I wanted an instructor who was dedicated to the style not the money or the business. Yoshukai Karate is that style. Yoshukai Karate has helped my life in several ways. Yoshukai has helped me both physically and mentally. It has also given me the confidence that I can protect my family and myself. I lead a better life because of my training in Yoshukai Karate.

    The training I receive in Yoshukai helps keep me in great physical shape. By practicing Katas I am able to build strength and also improve my cardio. My flexibility has also improved. Because of these attributes, I have more energy and I simply feel good. As I continue my training and get older, I will have a healthier way of life.

    Yoshukai has helped me mentally. I have more confidence in myself that I can take on difficult tasks and succeed. That inner strength will help me persevere through any difficult times I may encounter. I have learned patience through my training. This helps me at home and in my profession. When in difficult situations, my training has helped my self-control. I am able to stay calm so that I can think and react appropriately.

    A very important aspect of my training is the ability to defend myself. Because Yoshukai is a hard, aggressive style of Karate, I am confident that I can protect myself and my family if needed. When I am out in public, I feel confident that I can take on any situation that may occur. I have learned not to get myself involved in situations that may lead to unwanted outcomes.

    Yoshukai Karate has influenced my life greatly. I am very proud of my accomplishments in Yoshukai and I am proud to be a part of this fantastic style. I look forward to every workout and enjoy all the aspects of my training.

    I owe it all to Sensei Dugan...Thank You!!

Gordon Lanning
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