In bushido, which is integrated in the Yoshukai system, states that all warriors are born to 6 obligations, one of which is that you have an obligation to your Sensei.

    To a karate man there is no other important figure than that of the respect and honor that is his Sensei. Sensei or teacher is a title, which expresses difference, used towards someone that has attended teaching status. Respect and courtesy must be shown at all times towards him. The actions of the Sensei will show his students how to hold themselves. If the Sensei does not teach honor and integrity, the students in turn will not understand the concepts which traditional karate teaches. It takes some time for a student to understand the concepts of a student teacher relationship, and what honoring is all about.

    A Sensei is a person that deserves honor and respect. He is their leader, his or her, actions are of honor and discipline, and if this is not shown to the students then there is no point of karate. The actions of the teacher must show the student how to act in everything he says or does in his life. If the Sensei is not this type of man then the student will turn out to be disrespectful and unhonorible towards others. This concept of a teacher and student, teaches the concept of respect and honor to others. It can lead into your family life and to your work showing respect and honor to your piers and co-workers. If respect and honor are not used the student would have no growth in the mind or body, this would defeat the purpose of student teacher relationship.

    At times people forget the importance of honoring ones Sensei, leading themselves into the idea of self-importance, being blinded by what others say or do. The student will not see the importance of what his Sensei is teaching him, when this happens everyone loses, and there is no growth in the dojo. Keeping honor and respect towards ones Sensei is one of the highest things one can do in karate. The effect of respect and honor changes people, they learn that they must have it to function in the daily world. Honoring ones Sensei leads to a path of growth, for all karate practitioners, for them and the Sensei.

Clay Roberts
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