First Kyu Belt Clinic...

    On May 3rd, we held our first Kyu Belt Clinic. We had a great turn out and beautiful weather!

    Those present were: John Hayward, 3rd kyu; Ken Reese 3rd kyu; Jeffery Schreiber 4th kyu; Dillon Huff 5th kyu; Gary Durchholz 6th kyu; Mackenzie McCall 6th kyu; Marsha McCall 6th kyu; Mark Hayward 6th kyu; Austin Johnson 7th kyu; Logan Sisk 8th kyu; Scott McCullar white belt; and Rachel McCullar white belt. All those who were there to help out were the following: Ms. Schreiber; Sensei Dugan; Sensei Roberts; and Sensei Bottrell.

    They worked on how to speed up their lunge punching, basic punches, basic blocks, katas, nunchucks, and had the opportunity to practice shuto strikes on the makiwara board. The students seemed to have grown from the days activities as early as the end of the day.

    We thank everyone for taking advantage of this great opportunity to perfect their skills in what they already know.

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