As you well know everything we do in or out of the dojo is a direct reflection on Sensei Dugan and Yoshukai Karate Alliance. As such it is important to reflect on the impact that Sensei Dugan and the teachings of Yoshukai Karate have had on you. Please, briefly describe how Sensei and or Yoshukai Karate has affected you.
    "Sensei Dugan has been a role model in my life and through his example and the teachings and beliefs of Yoshukai Karate, I have become a better person and find that I am always trying to improve."
- Mr. Stone -
    "I would like Sensei to know that all the years of training I have received has made me a better, more rounded person than I ever could have become on my own. Thank you - is just not enough."
- Sensei Roberts -
    "The training over the years helped me to stay focused in everyday life, at work and at home and to persevere in all things."
- Mr. Logan -
    "Through many aspects of life; work, school, personal relationships with others, the values and character exemplified by Sensei Dugan has had a significant impact. Iím grateful for the lessons and experience provided through his teaching of Yoshukai."
- Mr. Lowe -
    "Sensei has taught me patience and perseverance in and out of karate, daily"
- Mr. (M) Schreiber -
    "Sensei Dugan has been my teacher, mentor, and friend. He has taught me patience and perseverance. I have been able to overcome difficult times because of his teachings. I have the utmost respect for Sensei Dugan. He is Yoshukai Karate!"
- Mr. Lanning -
    "The teaching of Yoshukai through Sensei has taught me many things that I wouldnít have learned otherwise. I have made many self improvements and will continue to strive for perfection."
- Ms. Schreiber -
    "Sensei has encouraged me through the years and through his respect for me. Iíve learned to have respect for myself. Sensei has been a wonderful blessing through the years and I respect him and everything he stands for."
- Ms. Lowe -
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