"Sensei has shown me how to persevere through tough times by concentration on my training and applying our dojo beliefs throughout the day."
- Mr. (D) Schreiber -
    "Sensei has given me more self respect and a sense of security with Yoshukai training."
- Dawn Johnson -
    "In a time when I was without direction, he helped me find my path."
- Ken Reese -
    "He has helped me become confident."
- Jeffery Schreiber -
    "He has given me a positive outlook in life."
- Casey Ballinger -
    "Sensei has made karate very educational, yet more dedicated for all students."
- Dillon Huff -
    "I really appreciate the no-nonsense aspect of Senseiís karate. We practice hard and if we donít meet the standard we do it again. I also enjoy making myself strong, fast and confident."
- Aaron Dugan -
    "Sensei is a good teacher and has helped us all a lot."
- May Hudspeth -
    "He has helped me to be more considerate and to be more in tuned with controlling my anger."
- Nick Garner -
    "Sensei has made me more disciplined."
- Austin Schaub -
    "He has made me feel more confident in myself inside and outside of karate."
- Kallie Hoinacki -
The children, on the other hand, where asked a slightly different question. None of them had any hesitation in answering the question, "If you had one nice thing to say about Sensei, what would it be?"
    "I like the fact my Sensei is my trainer, heís made me more confident, heís strong and understanding."
- David Dugan -
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