"He have been a great teacher through out the year he have been very honorable also."
- Austin Johnson -
    "He is fearsome when it comes to being cool and strong."
- Marcus Pickett -
    "He is a good teacher and he works hard."
- Maggie Hanger -
    "Sensei is a good teacher I lik kraty."
- Tanner Moorecraft -
Sensei Dugan,

You have been a huge inspiration to many, many people throughout the years. You have had many students and have met many different types of people, all in whom needed/need improvements. I am sure that you have made much better people out of them, as you have made of yourself, through your teachings and beliefs in the affects it has on people.

Yoshukai karate has been a huge part of your life and seems to be your passion! You have in turn handed that down to many people! There are a lot of Yoshukai-ka’s out there who respect you and admire your dedication to Yoshukai!

We all, past and present students, as you can see, have a great admiration for you and Yoshukai Karate. You have done an awesome job of carrying on the tradition of Yoshukai. You have already had two dedicated students go out on their own to open another ‘Yoshukai Karate Alliance’ school. They too, will continue to teach Yoshukai in the same traditional way you have taught them! You will, within the coming years, have many more students go out and teach Yoshukai Karate the traditional way.

Thank you from all your students for all your time, effort and dedication to teaching us what your Sensei’s have taught you. We are all honored and have the highest respect for you and your teachings!! You and the impression you have made upon us will be carried out to others and never, ever forgotten!!

Domo Arigoto, OS!
The Yoshukai Karate Alliance
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