Kyu Belt Testing

    On July 7th, the Lincoln dojo held their quarterly kyu belt testing at Williamsville Dojo. The students tested and were promoted to the following ranks: 8th kyu - Maggie Hanger, 6th kyu - Austin Johnson; 5th kyu - Austin Shaub and David Dugan; 4th kyu - Aaron Dugan and Dillon Huff; 3rd kyu - Jeffery Schreiber; 2nd kyu - Dawn Johnson & Ken Reese.

Lincoln Dojo: (L to R): Front - Maggie Hanger,
David Dugan Austin Johnson; Back - Jeffery
Schreiber; Dillon Huff; Sensei Dugan;
Dawn Johnson & Ken Reese.

Williamsville Dojo: Ryan Janssen - 8th kyu; Jack
Waugh - 8th kyu; Taryn Ramirez - 8th kyu; Cristian
Ramirez - 7th kyu; Rachel McCullar - 7th kyu; Remy
Ramirez - 6th kyu; Scott McCullar - 5th kyu; Mackenzie.
McCall - 5th kyu; Mark Hayward - 5th kyu; Dalton
Trader - 5th kyu; John Hayward - 2nd kyu


Back in 1962 when Yoshukai was founded, Mike Foster was a pupil training directly under Grandmaster Yamamoto. This young and big American national had disciplined himself and demonstrated high proficiency in Karate. Grandmaster Yamamoto highly recognized him and passed his expertise on to him.

In 1967, Shihan (Chief Instructor) Mike Foster was leading Yoshukai America as a director in Tampa, Florida. He traveled to Montreal, Canada and demonstrated Karate at the "International Karate Championship". It was the first Actual Karate demonstration overseas.

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