Perfect Attendance

Dawn Johnson - 2nd kyu; Ken Reese - 2nd kyu; Aaron Dugan - 4th kyu and Austin Johnson - 6th kyu.
Mr. Hanger - Nidan; Mr. Lowe - Shodan; Mr. Gorman - Shodan; Ken Reese - 2nd kyu; Aaron Dugan - 4th kyu; Marcus Pickett - 7kyu; Maggie Hanger - 8th kyu.
Mr. Lowe - Shodan; Dawn Johnson - 2nd kyu; Ken Reese - 2nd kyu and Aaron Dugan - 4th kyu.
We just wanted to share with you a letter Sensei received...

Dear Dan,
    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for bringing over that material for me to read. It not only amazes me of how much work goes into martial arts but the discipline involved, too. It was always something I thought would be neat to get involved in, but I chose to be a part of the dance team instead! Looking back on it now, Iím sure karate would have come in handier than high kicks! I know you said you didnít really care about being on the radio show, but I have already passed along your information to my predecessor, Jennifer Tobias. So, hopefully the two of you would be able to work something out because I think itís a very interesting subject that goes way beyond breaking boards! Thank you again for taking the time to pass along your information and passion to me. Good luck with your future classes.

Heather L. Otto
Just a Reminder
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