Afterwards we gathered together for our cook-out. This is a time for everyone to gather together and talk about, once again, how good our Natsu Keiko V turned out. This is also a good time for everyone to mingle and grow closer by getting to know each other better.


Women of Yoshukai: (L to R): Marcia - 6th kyu;
Kallie 2nd kyu; Ms. Lowe - Shodan;
Ms. Schreiber - Shodan; Dawn Johnson - 2nd kyu
Mackenzie - 5th kyu; Maggie Hanger - 8th kyu

Black Belts: (L to R); Ms. Lowe; Ms. Schreiber; Mr. Lanning
Mr. (M) Schreiber; Mr. Lowe; Sensei Bottrell; Mr. Hanger
Mr. Kennett; Sensei Dugan; Mr. Stone; Sensei Roberts
Mr. Logan; Mr. Gorman and Mr. (D) Schreiber

Wes - 8th kyu - - taking a break

Yoshukai Karate Alliance taking a water break!
Thank you Sensei Dugan for another fun-filled year. Some of us have know idea what work goes into planning the days events. Each and every year we’ve had so far has been a lot of fun and appreciated by all your students and again, at NO COST TO THE STUDENTS! Thanks to all of those who brought food to pass around AND as usual thank you Mr. Kennett and Mr. Logan for grilling!

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