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Probably considered the most important aspect of traditional karate-do is that of the training of the mind. In Yoshukai, one of the concepts is that of mental toughness, which is attained through the physical training of Yoshukai Karate. The karate-ka should always be patient and persevere in their training of the mind, as well as in the training of the spirit, a budo discipline that is instilled in the Yoshukai Karate system.

The student of traditional karate-do should not place so much emphasis on breaking, trophy collections, or attainment of belt rankings, but instead seek wisdom through self-knowledge and humility. The student should constantly be striving to uphold the discipline of the budo.

We realize and recognize there is no superior style of martial art. However, we believe that it is the way in which it is taught that makes the difference. There is a Japanese proverb, which is, "A man doesnít get respect when he gains a position, he gets respect when he deserves a position." Looking to the future, letís make our contribution to society so we will deserve the position, through the formation of character and spiritual guidance from the training of traditional karate-do, the way of YOSHUKAI KARATE.

Due to the high respect for Sensei Dugan, from his students, they showed their respects to him by presenting him with the title of Hanshi/Rokudan. He deserved this title out of respect and esteem from his students.

Founder of Yoshukai Karate Alliance

"Remain Humble and Avoid Self-Conceit"

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