1. How do you uphold the honor and integrity of Yoshukai Karate?

    I have been consistently attending the Lincoln Dojo of Sensei Dan Dugan since 1995. During that time I have practiced the principles of Yoshukai Karate twice weekly at the dojo and on my own. The principles of Yoshukai have enabled me to maintain an inner peace and calm during stressful situations. In my form of employment at, Logan Correction Center, I experience stressful situations on a daily basis that require this inner form of self control. I attribute my ability to maintain calm in part to my practice of Yoshukai. Along with self-control I have been able to maintain a positive attitude in a myriad of life situations. Since beginning my training in Yoshukai I married for the only time in my life and along with that marriage came the role of stepfather to two teen-age children. There were many times in which I validated my training of self-control and a positive attitude.

    I have never felt the desire or need to try any other form of martial art or self defense program. I believe in the principles of Yoshukai having found them to be useful in my everyday life. Although I have remained true to Yoshukai, many times I have had conversations and spent time working out with others who practice other forms of self defense. I have listened to their explanations and watched their demonstrations and shared mine with them without professing superiority over the other forms.

    I also believe in the nurturing of newer students. I have shown my dedication and patience in the weekly classes at the dojo. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the students advance in rank and maturity as we work together towards the common beliefs of the dojo.

    Through the teaching style and actions of Sensei Dugan over the past nine years I have learned and experienced the respect and honor that Yoshukai karate deserves.

2. What do you think the advantage of a karate alliance is over a karate federation or an association?

    In the nine plus years that I have been involved with karate through the Lincoln, Illinois Dojo, I have experienced involvement in three karate organizations prior to Yoshukai Alliance. The first was Yoshukai Karate with Sensei Hiroyuki Koda as the leader. Secondly, Yoshukai International with Sensei Mike Foster, and thirdly Chito-ryu Karate with Hanshi Bill Dimitrich.

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