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    While I studied under Mike Fosterís Yoshukai International Association I found that I was continually being required to change my style of stance and punch which prevented me from perfecting either one. Katas were also changing frequently. During the seven years I was involved in this association I was able to meet and train personally only a few times with Sensei Foster. This prevented the oneness of spirit between teacher and student that traditional karate requires.

    One plus years of my karate training has been under the Chito-ryu Federation. I found many of the same faults with this as with the previous association. The stance was short creating a loss of balance and power and the katas were all different from ones I had previously learned and built upon.     The Yoshukai Karate Alliance brings everything back to its beginnings. The true form upon which Yoshukai was envisioned and practiced by Mamoru Yamamoto, 8th Dan. Going back to the basics and being able to work on improving one style and form enables the student of Yoshukai to blend mind and body and spirit.

    Governance of the Alliance is also locally controlled. This establishes continuity of kata, stance and technique.

    Change is not always for the better. Sometimes we learn the "Father knew best". The Yoshukai Karate Alliance brings us all back home.

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Mr. Logan
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