(Pictured: Yuki Koda and Mamoru Yamamoto)
    When asked what it was like sparring with Yamamoto Sensei, he said, "My adrenaline was flowing." Yamamoto told Koda that Bob had good punches. Sensei Borowiak said, "I got a few good punches in on Yamamoto." He recalled a time when Yamamoto was preparing to kick at him, he saw Yamamoto move his leg prior to kicking, so he did one of Sensei Duganís favorite maneuvers, slide 45 degrees with a reverse punch palm up to the ribs, and when he made contact he could feel his hand vibrate from the impact! After he hit Yamamoto, Yamamoto stated, "you got good punchy!"

    Sensei Borowiak also recalled a time when Mike Foster had won a fight. There was sunlight shining in through a small crack, so Foster moved over just enough so that the sunlight would shine into his opponents eye, he then made his move and won!!

    When asked what he thought of the UFC, Bob replied, "I really like it, if I was younger I would do it."

    Sensei Borowiak is now 62 years old, who owns and operates his own business --- Lincoln Printers. He has been married to Carolyn for 25 years and together they share 3 children: JoBeth, Kari and Michael. He had been in karate for 11 years and was in several other styles of karate throughout the years, but stayed in Yoshukai the longest. His hobbies are hunting and sports. "I like anything that is competitive," he stated. He also stated that he really enjoyed teaching. He was Sensei Duganís instructor for 6 years and promoted him to Shodan in 1975.

(Sensei Borowiak promoting Sensei Dugan to Shodan)
    Sensei Borowiak thinks martial arts is good for the youth but, he believes, from experience, that they seem to do better around the age of 13 --- to begin their training. As they get older and begin new stages of life, such as driving and dating, they will usually back out. Some, however, do and become dedicated students throughout their adult life. Karate is a big dedication you cannot just be in for a few weeks and learn how to "knock down trees", it takes many years of hard training.
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