Black Belt Test

    On June 16th, Bob Gorman stood in front of the testing board and put out 100% effort as he tested for Shodan. He showed his good spirit and the desire to earn his Black Belt.

    Testing was held at the Williamsville dojo, with the following Black Belts attending: Sensei Dugan, Sensei Bottrell, Sensei Roberts, Mr. Stone (Yon Dan) Mr. Hanger (Nidan), Mr. Lowe (Shodan), Mr. (M) Schreiber (Shodan), Ms. Schreiber (Shodan), Ms. Lowe (Shodan), Mr. (D) Schreiber (Shodan).

    There is a one year wait from 1st kyu to the rank of Shodan. This is done for two purposes; one --- if you are serious you will wait. Two --- to develop your skills to Black Belt level!)

    Bob demonstrated strength, courage, stamina, dedication and perseverance along with very good technical skills, all in which are very important in everyone’s karate training.

    After testing was over the Black Belts had time to do kata training.

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