L to R: Mike Sadler; Taguchi
and Borowiak

Borowiak breaking w/shuto strike

Taguchi and borowiak sparring
    I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize and honor Sensei Borowiak, which is long overdue, as my Sensei for 6 years. My respect for him is still unwaivering, 35 years later. He was not only my Sensei, but also a very good friend, and that also is still strong, 35 years later. Without Sensei Borowiak, none of us would be studying Yoshukai Karate today! This also applies to Sensei Donovan and his students in Bloomington. You read where Yamamoto Sensei said, "Bob has good punchy" I will testify to that, and add, which you’ve all heard me say many times, "Sensei Borowiak kicked like a mule and punched like a sledge hammer." This is the foundation which has been passed onto ALL of our students. (and we like it).

    Thank you very much Sensei Borowiak for being a large part of my life!

Rei! OS! Sensei Dugan
We must always remember the 6 dojo beliefs:

Train seriously with heart and soul!
Remain Humble and Avoid Self-Conceit!
Strive for Perfection of Character!
Etiquette, Courtesy and Respect!
Persevere in all tasks!
Practice these beliefs in the dojo and in daily life!

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