Street Clothes Night

On May 27th 2006, Yoshukai Karate Alliance held another street clothes night. There were a lot
of new students that have not yet experienced this event. The adults went over situations that could affect them, like walking down an alley, sitting in a movie theater, or simply walking through the parking lot to get to your car, or even being approached by a stranger and getting that real uncomfortable feeling. The children went to the blue room with Sensei and Mr. Logan to go over strangers grabbing them and ways for them to get away. This is very important for both adults and youth. We need to feel secure in every day life and at the places we go. Children need to know that they have
a voice and to use it as well as hands and feet that will help them get away. The class formed a circle then the Black Belts would go around and attack us from behind. This was so we could practice surprise attacks. Not fun! This is a
realistic feeling and makes a person nervous, thus the experience of real life. After awhile the lights went out! Again in the circle, now unable to see your surrounding areas. This really makes the experience a memorable one.

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