Vol. 4    Issue 4    November 1, 2007
A Visit to World Yoshukai Karate
In Dothan, Alabama

Front - far left; Mr. (M) Schreiber & Ms. Schreiber:
Front - middle; Sensei Culbreth: Middle - far left; Jeffery Schreiber
    Ms. Schreiber, Mr. (M) Schreiber and Jeffery Schreiber, went to Dothan, AL. in August to visit with their family. Before leaving, Ms. Schreiber asked her mom (Sandi) to call and get class info on the WYK Dojo in Dothan in hopes of being able to visit at the same time they visited their family. Sandi called and told Sensei Culbreth of our desire to visit his dojo, so when they packed, they packed their gi and weapons along with pictures for Sensei Culbreth from Sensei Dugan.

    We had the pleasure of meeting Sensei Culbreth, Vice-President of World Yoshukai Karate, and his students. It was quite an experience training with them! The workout was good and getting to meet other members of the Yoshukai Family was quite interesting. We appreciate Sensei Culbreth allowing us to train and visit with them.

    Sensei Culbreth was asked to fill out a questionnaire to be highlighted on the front page of this issue of our newsletter. He was to send it back to us, but we have heard nothing from him as of this time. I was disappointed because I was really looking forward to him sharing with us, stories about Yamamoto Sensei and the training he was honored to have with Yamamoto Sensei for many years and of his experiences from training in Japan.

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