After being home schooled for three years I have graduated and am now attending Lincoln Christian College as a full-time student. My current major is Mass Communications which is a "3 and 2 program" where I will be spending 3 years at LCC and 2 years at UIS in Springfield. This way I will receive a degree not only in Mass Communications, but in Bible as well. Having both of these degrees will be beneficial so that I may find something to do in journalism or advertising while doing volunteer work at the church. Although I'm not living on campus this year I am still active in other social activities.

    Outside of schoolwork I have been busy with service projects and organizing an Ultimate Frisbee team that meets every week at Kickapoo Park. Yoshukai Karate has helped me create discipline so that I may be able to do all of these things and still thrive in school. I am very thankful for everything the class and my personal training has done for me and how it's applied to every aspect of my life. You're encouragement has meant a lot to me. Please continue what you're doing and keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I make this transition in my life so that what I'm doing now will help me in my future efforts.    -Emilie Lowe-    Good luck --- you will be in our thoughts and prayers!

Graduation Speech
    Something I have grown to realize is that I have more than one family. I have a family in my friends, in my school. MCA, I have a family in Yoshukai Karate, and I have my own blood-related family. Each of my families have taught me a great deal, and I would hope to hold onto every lesson.

    Yoshukai Karate has taught me perseverance, and the real meaning of honesty, integrity, and respect. Before I started Yoshukai, not only could I not defend myself or have the strength to do a push up properly, but I was shy.. And at time I lacked confidence and respect for myself. Than Sensei Dugan, someone who I had great respect for, started to respect me back and he gave me his time and instructions. I am very proud to be a student of such an outstanding Sensei who carries all those attributes I had learned.. Honest, integrity, perseverance and respect.

    As for all my friends... I have learned so much just from their personalities and diverse interests. They have truly expanded my horizons and throughout everything, have been there for me always willing to stand up for me listen to my problems. They’ve shown me love, by their own choice.

    Then my family... My family knows me the best, and still loves me the most. They’re always teasing, laughing, and having fun... one thing I’ve really appreciated is how close we’ve all been. Even when Jantina and Troy lived in Florida we all still have held close at heart. The family knows when to step in, and when to just listen. I see some people who haven’t had the chance to experience a large family, or two parents sill living together as one… and I realize how blessed I’ve been for my parents to be around to model what a loyal Christian relationship is like. I thank my dad for his strong Christian beliefs... and I’m amazed at the awe he finds himself in about the simplest little things. I thank my mom for constantly challenging me to be a better person and to look for the good in everyone. She has always had a big heart and a strong ambition.

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