A visit to Mr. Stones

    Sensei took a short trip to Mr. Stones house in Aurora. They spent time together to work on their ‘empty hand’ katas and weapon katas. They also reviewed and simplified the previous self defense techniques which were confusing to some people, so they thought they should be rephrased so there would not be any confusion.

    One important thing to remember during self-defense is that there is no need for people to add their own moves to these defenses. As you practice them, do so as they are stated on paper. Since they are for kyu belt ranks, JUST PRACTICE THEM. Thinking causes hesitation, hesitation will get you hurt! The techniques are simple, but effective coming from Dr. Chitose and on down the lineage --- why would a kyu belt "HAVE A BETTER WAY?" The goal is to get out of the situation and not to impress the attacker or others around you.

    Everyone was asked to throw away their old papers, and that only Black Belts have copies... they are not to be given to kyu belts. They are to be practiced as written!

    The Black Belts were given a night in class to review these self-defense tactics. We seemed to understand them much better. Here are a few pictures of the nights class...

Mr. Lanning & Mr. Gorman
(Notice the foot-stool)

Mr. (M) Schreiber & Mr. Lanning / Mr. Kennett &
Mr. Logan & Sensei Roberts
"Technical knowledge is not enough. One must
transcend techniques so that the art
becomes an artless art, growing out of the

Sensei Donovan & Sensei Dugan
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