Sensei Dugan, Sensei Koda & Sensei Culbreth in Ill. 1985
    I have to say, as it was nice to meet Sensei Culbreth and his students, it was also surprising to see some differences in the discipline and etiquette of a traditional dojo.

    Afterwards, group pictures were taken for us to share with the Alliance. They did have a really nice dojo. It had one room, (about the size of the closet in our dojo), that he was in the process of displaying pictures on all the walls of the different people throughout our Yoshukai history.

    Sensei Dugan has done an excellent job of instilling the discipline of ‘traditional’ Yoshukai to his students. These lessons on discipline automatically instills self-discipline in ourselves, in which makes us, not only good karate-ka, but also good people, which ultimately, makes a better society. (Strive for Perfection of Character). We have visited different schools and every time I get back to our dojo for training I am amazed at the difference in the discipline alone. We all should be very proud of the Alliance and all that it has taught us. One remark I hear from many people, on a regular basis, is how orderly and disciplined our Lincoln Dojo is!

"We must never forget that each and every one of us makes up the Alliance!"
Development of World Yoshukai

Dr. Chitose w/ W. Dometrich

Koda, Dometrich & Yamamoto
    In 1967, Grandmaster Yamamoto participated in the "International Karate Championship" in Montreal, Canada, accompanying his instructor, Dr. Tsuyoshi Chitose. It was held as a memorable celebration of the '67 Montreal World Fair that was coincided with Canada's 100 year anniversary of confederation. Dr. Chitose was invited by the government of Canada to represent Japan. This was the key event of historical importance to Grandmaster Yamamoto to make his steps on the international stage back in 1962 when Yoshukai was founded, Mike Foster was a pupil training directly under Grandmaster Yamamoto. This young and big American national had disciplined himself and demonstrated high proficiency in Karate. Grandmaster Yamamoto highly recognized him and passed his expertise on to him.
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