Black Belt Clinic II

Ms. Schreiber, Mr. Gorman, Mr. (D) Schreiber, Mr. Lanning, Sensei Bottrell
Sensei Dugan, Sensei Roberts, Mr. Lowe, Mr. (M) Schreiber & Ms. Lowe
    On September 15th we had another Black Belt Clinic, at Madigan State Park. It was a nice day and had a really great turn out! We reviewed bo tai bo for the first hour and a half and after that reviewed some of our katas. Sensei Roberts took Mr. (D) Schreiber and Mr. Gorman to the side to help them with their new katas, while Sensei Bottrell introduced the tonfas to Mr. Lowe; Mr. (M) Schreiber; Mr. Lanning; Ms. Lowe and Ms. Schreiber. We went over the first few basic moves and than moved our way into the first few moves of Shihohai.

    We took a half hour break and in that time some of the Black Belts were given pen and paper to write out their ‘testimonials’ for the website. These later were given to Mr. Stone who has them on our website already --- check them out!

    After break, we reviewed our nunchuck katas. And then, as usual, we held a short black belt meeting.



Bo tai Bo

Bo tai Bo
Mugen Kata
"The black belt is not a mark or symbol of the end of the journey to ones mastery of the arts; rather it is the mark that one is done packing for their journey and may now take the first step in their true journey. This a journey which can not ever be complete, only traveled..."
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