Black Belt Clinic I

    On August 4th we held our first Black Belt Clinic since the last issue of The Alliance. This clinic was held at the Lincoln Dojo! Most of the time was spent going over Tai ho jitsuís 1-16, sparring and writing out Seisan, step by step. It took quite awhile to be able to do this!

    As a Black Belt you begin doing a lot more teaching... it is amazing how difficult it is to teach. Knowing how to do something isnít the problem, itís trying to explain it. It takes a lot of patience and thinkingÖ this is when zanshin is really practiced! You wouldnít think it is tough, but it is!

    This was Mr. Gormanís first Black Belt Clinic! He did one on one training with Sensei Bottrell. Mr. Lowe enjoyed throwing his sister around quite a bit, but she had her turn later! Mr. Stone was able to attend the clinic, he is always a lot of help to Sensei.

    Wrist locks seem to have been the biggest focus on this day. It is a difficult task to accomplish, that is why a lot of emphasis needs to be put on them.

Sensei Dugan performing a
wrist lock, properly!

Sensei Bottrell & Mr. Gorman

Hmm... not Gordon-ryu AGAIN!?

Mr. Lowe & Ms. Lowe

MR. ??
"Traditional Karate is about training in the traditional methods that have been used for hundreds of years. Traditional Karate is about the development of the individualís character. This is achieved by on-going repetition of movement developing the bodyís muscles and the education in Japanese/Okinawan philosophy. The training can be very hard, but with a strong will, spirit and determination, one can not only achieve Black Belt status, but more importantly, "Satori" (enlightenment) of oneself and that which is around us."
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